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7 Rules For Safe Road Trips

Keep Safe This Summer Holiday

Road trips during the summer holidays are supposed to be adventures for the entire family, relaxation for the parents and fun for the kids. Accidents or mishaps can ruin even the best of plans, and not being safe in your preparations or on the road will overshadow the entire vacation. Here are 7 rules for safe road trips to keep in mind to keep your vehicle and family safe.

1. Pay attention to your tires.

Cheap tires are cheap. Don’t settle on just a milage rating or price. Ask the salesman for the traction and temperature rating as well.

Keeping them properly inflated is the other. A low tire will kill your gas milage, wear out your tires faster, cause your car to pull to one side, and a low enough tire could lead to a blowout. Almost ANY auto shop would be happy to check your tire pressure for you.

Also, keep in mind your tire pressure can fluctuate based on temperature and elevation. Take into account where you’re traveling and double-check your inflation again if your travels have taken you somewhere colder or warmer.

2. Don’t overload your car or SUV

Unstable Car

Traveling a long distance by car creates several issues if you have a car full of people, especially all their luggage your passengers just insist on bringing. If you have an SUV try to keep the heaviest stuff as low as possible.

3. Be a defensive driver

When you see a driver you think might cut you off or is driving erratically, keep a hand by the horn button.

4. Plan ahead

Make your travel plans known to lots of people. Also, make sure you’re planning for the expected weather along the route as well as what times you’ll be traveling through each area. Plan an overnight stop before tackling dangerous sections or longer distances.

It’s also a good time to check on what roadside support options you have. Grab that insurance policy and check to see if you have roadside assistance included and make sure the number is handy.

5. Keep important supplies

You should keep some staples in your car during the winter- a good ice scraper, blanket, extra gloves and hat, and jumper cables for starters. A standard road safety kit is always a good start. If you have more room or are traveling through desolate territory you may want to beef up your emergency rations.

6. Gas up more frequently than normal

Abandoned Gas Station

Stop anytime you get between 1/2 and 1/4 of a tank to make sure you’ll have gas if you get stuck in a traffic jam or if you have to take a longer detour.

Stopping frequently for gas also helps calm your nerves if you’re traveling through adverse road conditions. White-knuckling the steering wheel for even a short period of time can wear you out. Use these gas stops to stretch, grab a coffee, and make any phone calls or texts.

7. Keep your kids from turning into monsters

Planning ahead with entertainment and snack options will help you immensely. Just remember to keep them occupied and busy!

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